Baby massage

After their birth babies may have unresolved patterns of compression and shock held in their systems. This can be especially true when the birth has been traumatic with the use of interventions such as forceps, ventouse or caesarean sections (whether planned or emergency). It is also possible for even the easiest of births to leave some level of stress and unresolved compression in a baby’s system.

Craniosacral Therapy helps to deal with any difficulties the baby may have before they have a chance to become fully anchored and chronic, thereby allowing the potential for healthy growth and development. It can pave the way for the child to have greater self-esteem and experience well-being throughout childhood and later life.

Craniosacral Therapy can effectively help with the following conditions: colic, ear infections, disturbed sleep patterns, irritability, restlessness and feeding problems, all of which can be caused by imbalances resulting from the birth process.

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Lorena is keen to identify and concentrate on areas of weakness which has been of great benefit to me and has improved my lifestyle.

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