Reiki courses

Can anyone learn Reiki?

Everyone can ‘learn’ to channel Reiki and treat themselves and others. All that is needed is a desire to learn and to attend a course during which you will receive ‘attunements’ which will open a connection to allow you to be harmonised to the Reiki energy. This connection will improve through practice and by self-treating. Courses are run by Reiki Master teachers and you can receive attunements to whatever level you desire: First Degree, Second Degree, Master practitioner or Master Teacher.

What is the format of a Reiki course?

I run 1:1 or group Reiki courses throughout the year. If you are interested please e-mail me for further information –

First Degree
Reiki Course

Over this one day course you will receive 4 attunements which will allow the healing Reiki energy to flow within your body.

First Degree Reiki Course

Second Degree
Reiki Course

Over this two day course you will receive 1 attunement and be shown three symbols and have it explained to you how the symbols work and learn how to use them.

Second Degree Reiki Course

Master Practitioner/Teacher
Degree Reiki Course

This two part degree will give you access to the Master symbol which will greatly increase the strength of the healing you do with Reiki. You can then go on to learn how to attune and teach Reiki to others.

Master Practitioner Reiki Course

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