First Degree Reiki Course

What will I learn in a First Degree Reiki Course?

Over this 1 day course you will receive 4 attunements which will allow the healing Reiki energy to flow within your body and you will undertake:

  • The history of Reiki
  • How Reiki works
  • The Reiki Ideals
  • What to treat
  • How to give a self-treatment
  • How to treat family and friends

All the information will be included in a manual that you can take home and refer to in your own time. A certificate will be issued to you on completion of the attunements and practice treatments which you will undertake over the two days.

It is recommended that you leave a three month gap between the First Degree and Second Degree attunements. This time lapse will allow you to gain sufficient practice in treating yourself and others and will ensure that your system is used to the higher vibrational energy from the initial attunement.

There is no need for you to receive a Second Degree attunement if you do not wish to.

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