Second Degree Reiki Course

What will I learn in a Second Degree Reiki Course?

Over this two day course you will receive 1 attunement and be shown three symbols (listed below) and have it explained to you how the symbols work and learn how to use them.

  • The Distance symbol which will allow you to send Reiki to people not in the room with you / empower projects either presently or in the future / send Reiki energy to events in the past etc.
  • The Power symbol is used to reinforce a physical treatment and make it more powerful / to provide protection / to clear a room of negative energy etc.
  • The Mental / Emotional symbol will allow you to work on emotional levels for yourself or your clients / help release negative emotions / help lose unwanted habits / acquire good habits etc.

All the information will be included in a manual that you can take home and refer to in your own time. A certificate will be issued to you on completion of the attunement, practice treatments and other practical work which you will undertake over the two days.

There is no need for you to undertake a Master Practitioner / Teacher attunement if you do not wish to.

It is recommended that a six month gap is left between taking the Second Degree and Master level attunements to allow integration of the shift in energy you will experience.

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