The course was great. I feel a lot more confident. Simple things like (knowing) how long to leave massage after a feed.

Since the course I have periodically massaged the girls and they always enjoy it.

Thank you very much.
P.C - Windsor

Definitely a very useful recap. (had taken a baby massage course a few years ago). Liked 4th session a lot. Have enjoyed the course. Good class size.

Glad Lorena was understanding when babies hungry / tired etc.
L.F - Bracknell

Baby enjoys the massages. She is calmer in the evenings and seems happier and more relaxed.
C.N - Crowthorne

I was introduced to Reiki about 2 years ago and have found it to be beneficial to my well being as well as being relaxing. Lorena is keen to identify and concentrate on areas of weakness which has been of great benefit to me and has improved my lifestyle. Lorena has a friendly manner and provides individual treatment.
A.S - Wokingham

I think craniosacral therapy is fantastic! For mind and body. If anyone is looking for relaxation only it is also wonderful. It has done wonders for my operated knee as I don't feel any pain in it anymore.

It has also been good for my family members who also took a few sessions. Even if they don't realise how good it was for them I can see the difference.

It is a non-invasive therapy so what have you got to lose? it is a time well spent looking after your body and mind clearing from all the preoccupations and apprehensions.
RG - Wokingham

I was recommended to see a craniosacral therapist after ongoing problems from a mild scoliosis that I had from birth and from ME that I suffered after a period of extreme stress in our family about 5 years ago. This had left me with intermittent muscle problems and food intolerances and sensitivities.

I knew nothing of the treatments before I started and was amazed at how gentle and deep they all were. Following an in-depth review of my health issues I lay on a couch fully dressed while Lorena gently placed her hands under my neck. Through each session she would move to different parts of my body as appropriate.

From the first session I felt a change and improvement. Firstly the physical symptoms subsided. This started during the treatment but continued over the weeks between them. More surprisingly I began to experience a deep release of emotional issues that I had either forgotten about or suppressed in a very very gentle but healing way during the treatments.

I gained far more than I could put into words from craniosacral therapy, and I would more than happily recommend it to anyone, and I would particularly recommend Lorena Neep as a caring, gifted and professional therapist.
Karen - Wokingham

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